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Mental training for peak performance

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Who achieves most in Sports?

It is not the athlete who have the best, happiest and most positive thoughts. It's not the athlete who doesn't get nervous and pressure.

Many people believe that the better the athlete becomes and the more the athlete accomplish in his career, the less anxiety, pressure, nervousness and negative thoughts will the athlete experience.

It's not like that.

Mental trainer and Sport psychologist
Mental trainer and Sport psychologist

When an athlete gets better and takes the step from talent to professional, both the internal and the external expectations increases.

But does an athlete become better at dealing with resistance, expectations, lack of self-confidence and difficult periods? Some athletes do, but not all of them.

Common to those who achieves the most in their career is that they still perform and act, whether they meet pressure, adversity and accidents.

Many I work with are first aware of their mental states after we have gone into the depth of their performance analysis. Once this has been clarified and accepted, we perform a concrete game plan on how to respond to pressures and the internal challenges and disturbances.

I find that the hardest thing for many athletes is to recognise and be honest about their internal struggles and disturbances. Many athletes think that it is embarrassing, just too bad and that it will probably pass.

There is nothing wrong or abnormal in a mindset that is sometimes limited and not full of positive thoughts. But there is something wrong with not getting it handled in time and just hope it goes away again.

I believe that if an athlete does not learn how to cope and perform despite their internal struggles, the athlete will not fullfill their potential in their career.

It is sad to have the talent and skills, but not being able to show it fully. It is even more unfortunate, first to find out when it is too late.

Can we get rid of the internal challenges and disturbances so that they do not affect the performance? Yes. That is exactly what we are working on in the performance process in the mental training.

The one who achieves the most in sports is the one who dares to acknowledge and work with their inner game. The one who acheives the most in sports is the one who has learned to perform despite the internal battles.

When you learn to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, you will be able of mastering your performce! And then you expand your potential for growth and development while your comfort zone expands.

Mental training and sports psychology is the way to achieve more

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Mental training in sport and esport

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