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Can you live without a mental trainer?

Mental training in sports:

At first glance, many people do not understand the meaning of a mental trainer, and especially not athletes' needs for mental training. This is based on a general perception that physical issues and problems are more serious and legitimate than mental and mental issues. This view is in many ways old-fashioned, limited and belonging in the past. Mental challenges are often more inhibitory and limiting to your performance and development than a physical injury. Unlike physical damage, mental issues are more hidden, and can for a long time be part of the normal image. A normal image where you as an athlete do not perform and show your full potential. The annoying thing is that many players first realize their mental limitations too late. Instead of developing their mental skills, they waste many important years and struggles, not being the player, they are and can be.

A professional sports career is often only lasting for 10-15 years and often it is very intense with intense competition and demanding expectations. It is therefore important to focus on optimizing your potential from the very beginning. If you do not, you may risk remaining with the certainty that you did not reach your potential and did not reach your career goals, just because you did not invest EVERYTHING in optimizing your talent. It's not only a shame, it’s just stupid.

Mental trainer in HH Performance
Mental trainer in HH Performance

Why should you have a mental trainer?

A mental coach is not meant to help you only when your performance are suffering. Ideally, start by looking at a mental trainer when you know you want to go all in with your career. In this way you can be preventive and develop all crucial mental skills to improve your mental strength so that you can handle challenges, injuries, gamers luck and set-backs. The mental challenges often end up by negatively affecting your performance and limit what you could potentially have achieved in your career. It is e.g. too late to get help with performance anxiety and performance problems after you have been hospitalized - the damage has already occurred. The mental work afterwards becomes significantly more difficult and challenging once the injury has occurred.

Of course, a mental mentor can help you when something bothers you during your career and performance. You can prevent 80-90% with an early stage mental mentor from HH Performance. This enables you to perform at your top level throughout your whole career.

Mental strength

What is mental strength basically and why is it important?

Mental skills with mental training
Mental skills with mental training

Mental strength is the ability to handle and overcome, e.g. performance pressure, nervousness, anxiety, discomfort and the lack of confidence and low self-esteem. The brain doesn’t function with multitasking, it is flex-tasking. As an athlete, your focus should be on a prepared mental and tactical game plan, rather than on being affected by internal or external pressure and nervousness. Instead, athletes can learn to keep a intense focus on their game plan so they don’t become their own greatest enemy.

As an athlete, it is important to emphasize that you cannot choose to avoid these negative feelings and thoughts. On the other hand, you can choose how it will affect you and your actions. If you are mentally strong, your performance will not be affected.

A mental trainer's role in esport

It is not only in traditional sports and athletics that athletes need mental training to handle pressure. In the fast-growing e-sports world, the pressure to perform is rising. In addition, esport is becoming increasingly popular - more and more talented players are on the rise to the big esport arena. This means that e-sport is extremely competitive. As an esport gamer/player, it's important that you do everything to improve your mental skills, so you can become and stay competitive. Especially in e-sports, it's a common phenomenon, that when you get frustrated, you act irrationally and beyond the gameplay – so called 'tilting'. This is often very devastating to the players performance, but it also result in a affected overall team performance. With mental training, esports players can learn to control their feelings in competitive situations, and therefore remain rational in the whole game.

Mental trainers

A mental trainer can help athletes at any level. Talents, amateurs, semi-professional or professional athletes can all benefit from it, and HH Performance has the crucial experience at all possible levels. HH Performance was founded by Henrik Hjarsbæk, who holds a master degree in sports sciences with the focus in sport psychology. Henrik has several years of experience in mental training and sports psychology. If you are an athlete and are considering if mental training is for you, do not hesitate to contact HH Performance.

Mental trainer in sport
Mental trainer in sport

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