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Concentration & mental training

Optimize your concentration and perform better with an improved focus

The vast majority of people have faced problems with their concentration.

This problem is usually first encountered in connection with homework or during lectures. Later it can be an issue in sports or at work. The term 'concentration' generally covers our ability to capture and process information. If we are struggling to concentrate, there is a lot of significant information that our human brains are missing. This reduces our ability to respond optimally in each individual situation, both in sports and daily life. Precisely because concentration difficulty is so common, it can also be difficult to work constructively with the focus and concentration skills. However, like many other weaknesses, it is true that training, in this case - mental training – can improve your cognitive skills and thereby improve your overall performance.

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Mental training and concentration in sports

Concentration in sports - why is it important?

Especially in the world of sports, the lack of concentration is a detrimental and crucial problem. This applies both to training, matches and competitions. There is often extraordinary demand and expectation in sport, just a second's inattention can be crucial. In addition, it is important to maintain a full concentration in matches. In these situations, a lot of things happen at the same time, and it is therefore important to sort and passively have your brain select which information are important and which are irrelevant. For example, this may be a packed crowd, audience, media, and your general external surroundings. Focusing only on your role in the game's various situations, you will likely perform far better than if you could not keep an intense focus. You will be able to perform with 100% in the match and focus on your gameplan so you optimize your likeliness for a peak performance.

The root of concentration issues

It would be amazingly easy if there was only one reason why you experienced difficulty in being concentrated. In this way, you could only follow a ready-made recipe to improve your concentration. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Often there is a lack of concentration deeper than the given situation, and it may be hard to find out as an athlete. For this reason, more athletes use the help of a professional mental trainer or sports psychologist. With mental training and sport psychology in HH Performance we outline the root of your concentration issues, and from here we create a mental game plan which is individualized for you and your game. In this way, we make sure that you get to the bottom of the problem. At the same time you will notice an increased concentration in other areas of your life. As a bonus, the increased concentration will therefore be in addition to the sport.

Concentration training with HH Performance

Since concentration is such an important part of sports, it is also a topic addressed through mental training. With an increased mental strength, you will be able to avoid focusing on insecurity, inner dialogue and internal criticism. Instead, you will be able to use your mentality to optimize your performance.

Concentration problems are not only a problem with external factors that may interfere. It can largely stem from an internal uncertainty that is going to bother and limit your mental focus. This do not only result in your performance getting worse than expected. Even more, your inner insecurity and criticism grow bigger because it 'was right'. In this way it becomes often harder and harder to concentrate on the sport, leader to your performance being negatively affected.

If you think it sounds interesting to talk about concentration and mental training, you can reach out in the contact section for a non-binding conversation with HH Performance. Simply follow the contact form here: www.hhperformance.net

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HH Performance's team of sport psychologists and mental trainers.

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