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How do you find a sport psychologist?

Sport psychologist in common speech has the role of helping athletes, both amateurs and professionals, performing better, improving their skills, giving them mental strength and helping them cope with adversity, mental issues, resilience and obstacles. Furthermore it's been a common perception that, sports psychologist helps athletes when they face or have problems. That's in the past. They ALSO helps athletes, teams, coaches etc. when they have problems, but most of the work is initiating the athletes mental training, so they are preventive and proactive towards problems, lack of performance, intense pressure etc.

HH Performance talking sport psychology on national TV
HH Performance talking sport psychology on national TV

How do you find an educated and certified sport psychologist?

To find a sport psychologist the key for you is, reference and results. There is a lot of mental trainers and sport psychologist out there, with degrees and certificates, but to separate the best from the norm, you need to look at the clients that the sport psychologist or mental trainer has been working with, thus reference. Further next step in the selection process is, the results made by the coaches. Did they make the athletes or teams better or perform better? There is no wonder drug in sport psychology and people always think they have found the singular one holy ingredients for achieving peak performance. Plain honest and simple, this doesn't exists.

Do yourselves a favour and ask the mental coaches etc. and ask them for their learning, teaching and psychological philosophy. If they can answer this and if this appeal to you, then you'll probably have a good match.

80% of why you achieve great results after finding your mental trainer or sport psychologist is reliant on the trust, chemistry and connection you'll have with your coach. If you don't trust them and dont have the space for being vulnerable and honest, you are at the wrong place - no matter how good or professional the coaches are.

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