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Improve performance with mental training

In our post-modern society we live in the most intense and competitive performance culture, ever. Especially in the world of sports, where athletes is faced with strict requirement and rising expectations from fans, coaches and themselves. This create an enormous pressure that can limit the athletes performance, if they don’t know how to handle it.

If you in a game had to crumple under the pressure, this can lead to nervousness, low self-esteem and performance anxiety and fear. These negative feelings make it harder to perform your best, and you are caught in a vicious cycle. In order to resist and overcome your inner critique, you must know the right mental tools. With the right mental tools, you develop the mental strength that can help you to cope with pressure and nervousness. Mental training is for all athletes who feel that they are not performing at their best.

What is mental training?

Mental training is a process where you train your brain to handle the high demands of performance sports, including adversity, negative thoughts and feelings. The goal of mental training is to gain control over your mental mindset so that you can react and perform when the pressure in intensifying. In order to achieve mental strength, we uncover, in collaboration, your inner thoughts and reaction patterns. This is done through conversations and observations of you in demanding situations where you are faced with mental issues and mental limitations. Based on this, we develop a game plan on how to instinctively react in pressured situations. The mental game plan include a concrete match or game strategy for moving you in the right direction.

Mental training for peak performance
Mental training for peak performance

Another benefit of mental training is that you gain insight into yourself, your performance, your mental mindset and your thinking- and behavioral patterns. You will get to know yourself and your mental reactions when you face pressure and adversity. This strengthens you in dealing with conflicts, anxiety and stress.

Improve your talent and career with mental training

One area where mental training is particularly suitable and especially used is in the world of sports. Sports players and athletes often face extreme public pressure, e.g. in competitive important matches or competitions. The external pressure and expectations can lead to increased internal pressure, performance anxiety and a change the players behavior and personality. That's why mental training is very popular among all types of athletes.

At HH Performance the sport and sports psychology field are the expertise. As a matter of principle, the mental training has a focus on optimizing your sports performance, especially under pressure and when faced with a low self-esteem or lack of confidence. Mental training is always a good idea for all those who competes in sports at the highest level. You do not need to be professional in order to benefit from mental training - it is often the best idea to start as early as possible with mental training. In this way you can learn how to handle the pressure before it arises. In addition, you avoid waiting until the 'damage' has already happened. Having said that, it is never too late to start with mental training. Better late than never!

Sport psychology and mental training in HH Performance
Sport psychology and mental training in HH Performance

This is why you should get professional help with mental training

Some of the most challenging initially in mental training is to achieve the first insight into your own inner reaction patterns. As humans and athletes, we are often unaware of why and how we basically react and think. At the same time, it is hard to come up with an alternative way of thinking and reacting. This kind of self-awareness does not happen to players and athletes just by luck or coincidence. That's why it's valuable to acquire a professional mental trainer or sports psychologist who with the professional background, analyzes your mental situation. A professional mental coach can equip you with the right mental tools that can use and gain from in all aspects of your life.

If mental training sounds like exactly what you are missing, you can free of charge contact HH Performance. Owner, mental trainer and sports psychologist, Henrik Hjarsbæk, offers an welcoming talk to you on how to put together a program that fits your needs.

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