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Mental strong football players

Millions of football players world wide are trying to become professional in football and strive to be the best.

A very few of these players are ready and equipped for the mental obstacles and hurdles they will experience in professional sports. Sport psychologist are increasingly helping athletes with their performance and mental states. Read more about sports psychology for athletes here

Sport psychologist and mental trainers help athletes perform

Throughout the last years we have seen world class players like Andrés Iniesta, Gigi Buffon, Michael Carrick and Danny rose talking out about the mental part of football and sports. English national player Danny Rose had the royal family visiting him on the playing pitch, after his public statement about his depression which led to his decrease in performance.

Former english national player and now assistant coach in Manchester United, Michael Carrick, talked about his "depression because of one single game, which affected him and his performance for 2 long years. . Michael felt responsible for the team’s defeat to Barcelona in the 2009 Champions League final . "Maybe if I had spoken to somebody about it properly, it might have gone away quicker or it might not have been as bad as it was. But I never did.” Ferguson was hardly speaking to him, and I didn't feel like I wanted to interrupt and disturb him. Following the incident Michael Carrick was elected to the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. "South Africa 2010 was the worst for me. I called my wife and said I wanted to quit and go home. I just didn't have the mental strength and mental capacity in me". Can you believe this? Millions of players are trying to become professional football players and strive to be as good as Carrick. But being in his shoes, rather his head, it made him NOT want to play and participate in the World Cup event, which for many, including Michael, is the biggest accomplisment you can achieve for your country.  Mental training in football is becoming a must-do for all professionel players. You can read about mental training for athletes here: Moving the perspective from England to Spain. One of the most elegant and technical players in the history of football, Andrés Iniesta, talked about his mental issues. "I was a victim of something mental that terrified me"

Iniesta said he didn't know if he had a depression or if it was an illness, but everything was just off and being a footballer did not feel right any longer.

"I was on the edge of breaking, I was vulnerable and I was terrified".

Not only is Andrés Iniesta of of the greatest and most elegant players who we have ever seen on the pitch, but the strength from him in opening up about the mental aspects is courageous!

All players will throughout their career face difficulties, resilient and obstacles.

In Andrés case, he took to professional help from a sport psychologist and mental trainer, that help him find him selves and made him perform at his best afterwards. If you want to know more about the mental game of sports and how sport psychology can help you, you can contact us here:

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Sport psychology and mental training

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